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United Home Health is a home care company that endeavor to provide top-notch home care services. Our trained caregivers provide quality in-home care for seniors and disabled adults who need some assistance to maintain their independence and dignity.

Our Care Process

As standard procedure, we at United Home Health are able to assess and understand your loved one’s unique situation and recommend a custom plan for their particular needs. This gets them the care they need as soon as they need it.


The Initial Call and Meeting with a Care Advisor

Once we a receive call you and your loved ones, a United Home Health Care Advisor is assigned to you case and immediate begin considering you and your loved one’s specific needs and how to provide the right care solution. We ask questions to help form a basic needs assessment, next we set up an in-home visit with you and the rest of your family; through this visit, we are gather more information, answer questions and let you understand how United Home Health can help.

We Recommend a Care Plan

After the initial meeting and visit, we a recommend Care Plan based on careful research. We find a plan that is tailored to your loved one’s specific needs. We make detailed recommendations on exactly what kind of services we feel would benefit them. We then arrange a follow-up meeting with you to go over the Care Plan line by line and modify it if need be.

Caregiver Matching

Once you approve our recommended Care Plan, we match you with one of our professional Caregivers. We put into consideration several factors before matching you with a Caregiver, the services needed, your loved one’s interests and the personalities and more importantly, compatibility of the Caregiver and you’re your loved ones.

And in an event you have any concerns about a specific Caregiver; we can quickly provide a replacement in very little time.

Care Supervision

Our Caregivers are trained keep to be observant and to record the care they provide. Those notes are kept at your loved one’s home and are available at any time. Our billing system also provides a detailed description of services and care.