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Home Care services cover a wide range of duties and assistance, our In-Home Care Services make provision for just about any situation and environments. General Care Services assist with the daily requirements of our clients in the following ways:

Light Housekeeping Duties

Housekeeping is an important aspect of maintaining the normal living standards of any client, so our Caregivers will assist with housekeeping in the following manner:

  • Washing and Ironing – Clothing.
  • Bed Linen – making beds and changing regularly.
  • Domestic duties – rubbish removal etc.
  • Daily Meal preparation and cleaning up.
  • Daily shopping and shopping lists
  • Wardrobe arrangement and cupboards
  • Caring for your Pet Family

Personal Care Visits

Personal Care Visits are for those clients who require daily assistance with every day activities but are still living in their own homes, such as health care and everyday duties like bathing and dressing. Our aim is to maintain the most normal living situation for all our clients so we assist with these daily duties to make every day as normal and enjoyable as possible. Our professional Caregivers make sure that our clients enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Attendant Care

This is a hands-on assistance service for client who might have a physical disability or need assistance with the daily living of life. The Attendant Care service includes a number of nursing responsibilities as well as the general daily care we provide. Duties include:

  • Bathing and general hygiene
  • Toileting – Moving to and from the bathroom for all toileting as well as bed pan requirements.
  • Patient Mobility – moving from bed to chair or wheelchair for moving around in and outside the house daily.
  • Comfort Positioning – ensuring the comfort of patients that are bedridden or in a wheelchair.
  • Daily dressing and changing of clothes.

Attendant Care also make provision for the daily administering of prescription medications that would normally be self-administered as prescribed by a physician. These medications require a certified nursing assistant or a medicine aide.

Pest Control

Maintaining a healthy and safe home environment is vital to any recuperation or home care process, so our Caregivers are able to assist with the general pest control in and around the home where required.


In some cases, our patients require assistance with transportation to and from medical appointments, essential errands and trips to community centers. Our qualified Caregivers will be the kind helpful chauffeur to make sure that our clients are enjoying the most out of life.

Meals and Nutritional Support

Our Caregivers are trained to ensure that all our clients are well fed and maintain the required nutritional intake depending on their condition. Our clients will always have the best and balanced meals prepared for their recovery or situation. All meals will be prepared with a balanced diet in mind. For client that have special dietary requirement we will consult with their physician to ensure proper nutrition.

Minor Home Modifications

In situations of immobility we will assist with the necessary modifications to your home to assist with your mobility. These are modifications like ramps and hand rails or grabs to help with in home mobility. Modifications to the home do not include extending the square footage of the home and all modification will be in accordance to the building regulations as they apply.

Bathing and Dressing

We will assist our patients with hygiene such as in bathing and dressing daily where its required.

Laundry and Household Service

A clean and hygienic environment is crucial to healthy living and our Caregivers will help our client with the daily household duties such as laundry and daily domestic duties like cleaning and tiding up.

Caring Companionship

We believe all our patients deserve companionship and so our Caregivers will make sure that in cases where needed they will provide the companionship and human interaction that is vital for any patient’s healthy living.

Grocery Shopping/Errands

Making sure that the home is well stocked with daily groceries and running daily errands is also part of our Caregiver services we provide for our patients where needed.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

For patients with a PERS device, we have specially trained Caregivers that will ensure that these devices are functioning properly and worn at all times. These devices are used in cases where client may require emergency assistance. PERS devices offer a patient the ability to move around the home with the assurance that in an emergency event they will be able to contact the necessary emergency services or be able to call our Caregivers for assistance.

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Physical activity is a crucial part of any treatment and our Caregivers are trained to provide stretching and exercise as prescribed by your physician. We can also assist with your physical therapy after surgery in order to maintain flexibility and general health.

Accompany to Doctor Appointments, Church & Family Events

As much as movement inside the home is important we also understand that our patients would also require doctor visits and other community events. Our Caregivers will transport our patients to medical appointments and places of worship or family functions.