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Patients afflicted by Dementia require specialized care even in the very early stage diagnosis. UHH Care has experienced Caregivers available to offer the best In-Home Care for clients that are affected by this condition. We focus on maintaining the quality of life and creating an environment In-Home where both patient and family can enjoy the best quality of life in all areas.

The general wellbeing of a loved one diagnosed with dementia, depends on immediate family and friends as well as being in familiar surroundings. As time goes by, you as family and Caregivers will be relied upon to ensure the comfort and assistance with moving around more and more. This is a situation that often puts increasing pressure and tension on the family due to the specific nature of the care required. You might even consider moving your loved one to a nursing facility.

UHH Care offers the best possible care for your loved one in familiar surroundings. We can provide you with specifically designed In-Home Care services for patients with Dementia. Our Caregivers are expertly trained to understand and deal with the challenges faced by a patient suffering from Dementia. They are also trained to assist the family in coping with the challenges faced by families in this environment.

Our aim is to extend the quality of life as much as possible for patient and family through providing professional care and advise. Our services include the following care for Dementia Patients:

  • Prevention of wandering
  • Assistance with walking and exercise
  • Personal Care such as bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Proper medication monitoring
  • Maintaining Healthy Nutrition
  • Some housekeeping duties
  • Transporting to therapy and medical appointments

Through our step by step consultation process we will assist you in deciding on the best possible care for you loved one depending on their current condition and specific needs.