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Our Alzheimer Care Services aim to allow your loved one to maintain their independence in the daily routines and enjoy a healthy quality of life. With our In-Home Care service, you will be assisted by a qualified and experienced Caregiver that will treat your loved one with the same compassion as you would treat them. Our Caregivers will also assist you in understanding and coping with the challenges of living with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s.
Our comprehensive care program provides not only for the patients needs but also assists the family with education and support to deal with the everyday challenges faced. The Caregivers have specialized training to deal with patients suffering from the symptoms of Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia or other memory loss disorders.
Our care program will assist you in the initial understanding and decision making once a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. in situations where family are separated by long distances its often believed that the only choice is to place your loved one in a nursing facility in order to care for them.
This is not the only choice and UHH Care can provide you with all the options for In-Home Care that have been proven to be less stressful for the patient as they are in familiar surrounding and can enjoy a better quality of life as a result. Our Caregivers will relieve the burdens on the family by providing the correct assistance to their loved one and the family. This includes making sure that regular assessments and monitoring is done in order to evaluate your loved one’s specific needs and condition.